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about us

York Mail Service (YMS) was founded in 1982. Operations for YMS began in the former Fishel's Bakery facility located at 1501 West King Street in York, Pennsylvania, and continue at the same location today.

York Mail Service has assisted numerous companies in central Pennsylvania to grow their business. With our 40,000 square foot facility, state-of-the-art equipment, and our dedicated production staff, we can ensure accurate and timely completion of each client's project while helping you achieve maximum mailing impact. We take pride in providing customized solutions for both small and large mail projects and in reliably delivering your completed job.


In 2000, YMS was purchased by Jack Sommer. As its President and CEO, he leads the company's strategic direction and day-to-day business activities. For decades, Jack has been most active in the York community and has lent his personal time and energy to work with numerous civic and charitable organizations.

In 2003, Dennis Nordell relocated from the mid-west to join YMS's management team as General Manager. He brings with him 25 years of knowledge and experience in direct mail operations. Dennis has dealt with industry leaders such as Publishers Clearing House and Readers Digest.

YMS serves hundreds of business clients in the York market. We receive and process daily shipments, including skidded materials, and maintain on-site shipping services as well. These activities allow YMS to have daily interaction, both on-site and online, with all major package carriers and common carriers.

York Mail Service continually investigates and evaluates postal regulations, so we can advise our clients about how to achieve the lowest postal rate for any mailing. With over 30 years of direct mail industry experience, your mailing gets professionally done ON TIME AND ON BUDGET. From conception to delivery, York Mail Service will help you maximize your direct mail campaign and minimize your undeliverables. Let us help you develop your mailing piece so that it soars through the complicated postal system successfully AND gets results!

York Mail Service is committed to providing outstanding service to all of our clients by using the most current, state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you send out 300,000 mailers or 1,000 letters, we are the right answer for fast turnaround, professional service, and finding the lowest postage rates for all of your mailing needs.


York Mail Service belongs to the following organizations:

  • PCC - Postal Customer Council
  • NAPM - National Association of Presort Mailers
  • MFSA - Mailing and Fulfillment Services Association
  • The Manufacturers' Association of South Central Pennsylvania