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presorted first-class mail

York Mail Service Presort Saves You Money on Postage!
Here’s how it works: If you send out enough mail to qualify, we pick up your First-Class Mail and presort it at our facility before delivering it to the post office. You get a discount immediately on your postage. There is no charge to get this discount if you meter your own mail. We are paid by the Post Office to presort your mail. We can also meter your mail for less than the cost of your current lease and related consumables.

York Mail Service Presort may be used for mailing checks, letters, invoices, announcements, statements, newsletters or promotional materials. If you don't qualify for free daily pick-ups, presort your larger occasional mailings or monthly statements.

We are the only First-Class Presort service in York County certified by the U.S. Postal Service.

Benefits of Using York Mail Service Presort:

• Immediate savings on postage
• No start-up costs
• Improved mail service
• Reduces processing time
• Fewer damaged pieces
• Sorts handwritten mail

Call Jason Nordell at 717.845.3617 to arrange for a custom quote on all your mailing requirements!